Friday, November 11, 2005

A Bad Picture After A Beligerent Speech.

Now I don't believe that Bashir Assad is a very good dictator. Of course he was never intended to be a dictator, but really after the amount of time he has been President of Syria, you'd think he would be better at it. His father was at least good at protecting himself, keeping himself from looking like a complete goober, and keeping Syria under the radar when it did something like assassinating a Lebanese political official.

Bashir really hasn't gain the kind of control of the ruling class that his father had, but they still control the country well enough not to let a ridiculous pictures like the one above get out. If I had any talent with PhotoShop it wouldn't be hard to turn that wave in to a Nazi salute complete with arm band and flag in the background.

In the speech that this photo came at the end of, Bashir basically called the UN investigation of Hariri's assissination a game. Now, I am not a hugh fan of the way the UN tend to operate, but shouldn't the head of a country that is a member give lip service to the idea of the investigation and wanting to get justice for the murdered person. (Yes I know fantasy land time for the little wolf.)

Oh, well on of these days Bashir will get over thrown, and hopefully it will be by his citizens and not his father's cronies that are controlling Bashir.

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