Monday, October 31, 2005

The Wonders Of A First Birthday Party

At a 1st birthday party in East Hartford, CT. a riot broke out. Yes, a riot broke out. It was apparently started by a down stares neighbor who felt that the volume of the party for the amount of time it had been going on had exceeded thier ability to endure and requested that the people at the party 'tone-it-down.' This lead to a fight that included the arrival of 4 carloads of additional rioters (who it is believed were gang members) and so many people ended up being arrested that the police ran out of not only regular handcuffs, but the plastic handcuffs as well.

Part of this fight required 6 of the participants to go to go to the hospital with stab wounds. When a city official arrived he saw someone being beaten with a chair in the middle of the street. And another telling fact is that because the apartment where the fight started was designated a crime scene, 8 children and 12 adults were displaced. Oh, one other point in the story that I thought was of interest is that the police requested a Spanish speaking officer from another district was requested because so many of the people involved didn't speak enough English to communicate what had happened.

So an obvious question occurs to me, what could possible been said that resulted in this size of a fight at a birthday party for a 1 year old?

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