Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why Do People Feel The Need?

From the To Much Information File:

The attached article from the Cornell Daily Sun is of a young woman discussing orgasms, or more specifically self induced orgasms. Is this an article that was dieing to be written? Do Cornell students really need to know about this young woman’s masturbatory adventures?

I am not a prude nor do I particularly feel that masturbation is particularly a problem. (There are religious issues perhaps, but I am staying away from that here.) While I am not a prude, I really don’t feel the need to see an article about someone’s masturbation. (If I actually felt the need I’m sure I could find much more interesting and graphic descriptions on-line.)

Hold the phone Prude–von-pruderson. First you don’t like the musical mammaries and now you don’t find a woman talking about “Delicious Convulsions” interesting?
The only thing that could make that article cooler would be if she was playing “I touch myself” on her MP3 player musical booby.
I think you are missing the point on this one blog reader. I am not upset with the story or even remotely bothered by it, I just didn't understand the authors need to share in such a public forum her masterbatory adventure. And as I said I could definitely find much more explicit items out on the net if I wished to read that kind of thing. (As for the musical mammaries, that is just something else that confuses me.)
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