Friday, October 14, 2005

What Kind of Mind?

I have always had a certain amount of facination with how people think. Or maybe more specifically, how people who commit crimes think. (One of the off-shots of this is that I have a facination with things like forensic shows on cable.) Generally you can see that murders and other attacks are committed in the heat of the moment. (Although there is still a large number that are planned out in advance, which is where forensics come in.)

I don't really understand what would lead a person to try to steal a baby right out of the mothers womb. I know we had a story similar to this not to long ago in the greater metro area where I live. This is more than a criminal act, there has to be a mental illness issue involved. Both stories are similar in that a neighbor was telling everybody she was pregnant at the same time as the pregnant neighbor, and felt the need to attack and attempt (in the current case, and succeeded in the local case) a baby from the mother's womb.

I would really like to understand what would drive the attacker into this kind of attack. It seems like such an odd thing to plan, much less execute. I also am not sure how the people around the attacker don't realize that something is wrong with the situation.

CNN Story.

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