Friday, October 21, 2005

Paranoid Adminstration and Possible Indictments

I briefly discussed the other day the apparent paranoia of this administration and it’s in ability to deal with the media in a legitimate way.  I heard an interview recently from a Senator who felt that this administration was dealing with the legislature in the same basic way.  One example goes back to the reason I brought this idea up just the other day.  Apparently more than a year ago the Congress enacted a law, the law was signed by the President; that required the Pentagon to expand the spectrum of political thought on AFN from something other than Rush Windbag.

Thought it has been over a year, Sec. Rumsfeld and his staff at the Pentagon have failed to live up to this congressional act.  When they had been set to add a voice from the other side of the spectrum, in the form of The Ed Schultz Show, a political appointee at the Pentagon (the same one who was ‘warming up’ the soldiers last week) made a unilateral decision to stop the show from airing on AFN (possible because they were questioning the whole ‘warming up’ for the conversation) and then promptly left on a vacation.

If you to look, with out a partisan eye, at this situation you really could only make one decision.  The administration made the decision to stifle a diversity of opinions for our troops out of fear that the questioning of their policies may cause them problems with the military and the performance of the soldiers in the field.  If they are afraid that the soldiers may not perform up to the high standards that we expect of them because they are getting commentary from someone other than the Windbag, well then the administrations opinion of the soldiers in the field isn’t that high to begin with, is it?

I really think, with everything that I have been seeing out of this administration since the whole Schaivo fiasco is a series of fear based missteps as the poll numbers have gone down and they began to loose the centrist of this country they have been scrambling around like ants on a bag of sugar.  They really have been over reacting to a series of events, with the obvious exception of Katrina (and I will still make no judgment on that issue).  

I would like to discuss several other issues related to the Republicans and this administration.
     1.  I am interested to see what will come down from the probe of the Plame leak case.  If nothing else it will be interesting to see if the administration back pedals from the firing of people again if anyone is indicted.

     2.  What makes Tom Delay think he is so special that he could have avoided getting finger printed, or having his mug shot taken for that matter; I am tired of people thinking they are something special.   Rep. Delay is nothing special; he has lived for far too long within the microcosm in side the Belt Way.   With this being the case, I really have to wonder if he hasn’t done what he is accused of and is just to arrogant to believe he was caught.

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