Monday, October 10, 2005

New Orleans Arrest

Over the weekend a video from an AP cameraman surfaced of New Orleans police beating a 64 year old man to a bloody pulp. I don't know the whole situation that lead to the man being detained by police, I do know that the man was unarmed and appeared to be even older than his publically released age. I can't imagine anything that he could have done, not said, done, that would have lead to the kind of beating that he was forced to survive.

I am disgusted by this act of savagery on the part of the the officers involved, and the fact that they then, after having been caught on tape, had the gall to plead not guilty is just sickening.

There was also a portion of the tape that showed another officer grabbing an AP producer and slamming him into a car while screaming a series of non-repeatable invectives. It has been reported that this officer, during his tirade, said something about having been on duty for several weeks with no time off. I understand that the police went through hell during the period of time that our Emergency Management Agency was trying to figure out how to get supplies in to a major city that 3 college students in a car were able to get into with relatively little problem, but that does not excuse or allow the type of situation that happened this weekend. These officers should admit what they have done, and take the punishment like the men the are supposed to be.

CNN link, including a link to the video.

A point on this subject of a different kind. I briefly listened to the beginning of Rush Limbaugh as he follows something else locally that I listen to. I was forced to shut him off when one of his comments about this case went something like: We have another Rodney King moment, or maybe not. Perhaps this isn't getting the coverage that Rodney King got because the city and state governments are Democratically controlled.

I really have a hard time with this type of stupidity that the Rush Windbag is spewing. I don't really care for him to begin with, but to make this a political issue is ridiculous. The reason this story isn't getting the coverage that the Rodney King incident did is that there is a large number of other important stories right now. The chief among them are the survivors of Hurricane Stan related mud slides, the Pakistani earthquake, and the major destruction to the Gulf Coast region. Is there any subject that the Windbag can't turn in to an attack on a Democrat. I am becoming surprised that the Windbag hasn't said that the hurricanes his the Gulf Coast because of the Democrats, that seems right up his alley (or ass where he pulls alot of this crap from to begin with.)

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