Monday, October 10, 2005

Natural Disasters

Apparently G-D is furious with mankind for something. Not only did Katrina severly damage a large portion of the Gulf Coast, followed fairly quickly by Rita trying to do the same to other portions of the Gulf, but now we have a devastating earthquake in Pakistan, and Hurricane Stan causing flooding and mud slides in Central America.

This seems to be they type of moment that, in biblical times, would have lead to the destruction of the whole world. (Noah's Flood comes to mind.) Apparently it isn't just the people of the Gulf Coast that are sinners, but so are the Cental Americans, Pakistanis, Indians, and Afganis. Hard to believe people in only these areas are the sinners which can only mean that if we don't all repent soon we will all be experiencing natural disasters for our sins as well.

Now seriously, I am greatly saddened by all of the people around the world that are being forced to suffer either physically or emotionally because of these disasters. I pray that all who live may recover and thrive in the future and that those who have died didn't suffer overly much, though I know some must have.

I am hoping that these tragedies may make mankind realize that some of the on-going squabbles are not of great importance in the long view and that we are able to, as a species, able to move beyond petty differences.

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