Sunday, October 16, 2005

More Terror Or The Quite Continues

(Sorry for the title, I think I watched a little to much Rocky and Bullwinkle when I was a kid.)

There were terror attacks in Yahudah and Sameria today. (Sunday the 16 of October.)

I am not sure what I really want to say here. I am tired of the Palestinians constantly feeling that the only 'solution' that they have is to kill more innocent people. They haven't even shown that they can control the Gaza to any extent yet and they continue on attacking and attacking spilling more and more blood.

If I were to give in to my 'dark desires,' I would begin by slaughtering thousands of innocent Palestinians. Then I would make a declaration that for every terror attack 5 innocent Palestinians will be executed for each Israel injured, and 20 for each Israeli killed. Truth is I wouldn't do this, but I do believe that this is the type of response that would put a shock in to the Palestinians. After carrying out this threat several times you are bound to execute some people who me something to the people in power. What this really does is set up a risk reward system for the Palestinian terrorists. It will basically turn the Palestinian, and a large percentage of the Israeli, populations against the Israeli government. But at some point the terrorists will stop what they are doing because the cost has become to high.

The real reason this is not something I would do, or anyone else I hope, is that it truly violates the concept of humanity that we all, as a species, cling to. It also violates Halakhic statutes. ( and 'Thou Shalt not murder') This having been said, I think these types of actions show the difference between Jews and Muslims(Fundamentalist). For the most part Jews do not like the concept of killing the innocent.(With a few exceptions of course.) Muslims Fundamentalists seem to relish the idea of 'swimming in the blood of their enemies,' and then tries to find religious ways to justify why they both can and should be 'swimming.'

CNN Article that spawned this rant.

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