Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Irritations of Life

I  have two things I would like to get off my chest this afternoon.

  1. Why do those who defend President Bush and the various things he does continually compare him to Bill Clinton?

President Clinton was continually reviled and attacked for his behavior and how he handled one thing or another. But now when Democrats question President Bush, or attack him depending on the subject, two things are done by Bush defenders.  First they will make a comment ‘explaining’ the current President’s action.  i.e. Bush’s current nomination for the Supreme Court should be approved because he knows her and he won the election. (What? Do either of these statements make her qualified for the position for which she has been nominated.)  Having made that statement, I am not question the nomination at this moment in time.  The second thing that Bush defenders say is, Well if it was Clinton…Blah Blah Blah .  

If you didn’t respect W. J. Clinton, why are you comparing the man you do respect (G.W. Bush) to him?  In my mind you would be lowering the man you support and raising the level of the man you dislike. Rush Windbag has been making a living doing this for 5 years now.  I am beginning to believe that Rush is secretly in love with President Clinton.  What else would explain his constant references to a man who is no longer in office and has been substantially reduce in the public eye?  I mean if President Clinton did this and you didn’t like why it is a defense for the behavior of President Bush.

On an aside I have to say I regret my vote for the mentally-challenged moron every day more and more.  I also have to say that while I am a Democrat, I am not one who was so beholden to President Clinton that I thought he could do no wrong.  That all out of my system, I am beginning to miss Bill.  George is good for a daily laugh at his continued sparring with the English language.  (Some how they both end up loosing the battle.)  At least with Bill I always felt the policy statements coming out of his mouth were genuine and that he truly believed in it, I am beginning to doubt that more and more with George.

  1. The second thing is this.  I have recently changed my personal schedule of rising and going to bed.  This is mostly do to the fact that my wife started a new job as of yesterday and she has to be up early, so I get up with her, and when I am ready for work, I go to work.  I am now getting to the office 2 ½ hours earlier than I did before.  I had been told I should be at work about 1 hour before I was showing up but it was never a huge problem, and I would always put in an eight hour day.  I am not planning on leaving work earlier than normal, nor in billing any additional time to clients unless it is a legitimate work related expense, yet this morning I was questioned about my schedule change.  Now I did leave early yesterday for a Doctor’s Appt. but that was clearly on my calendar and could have been check with out a problem.  I  don’t really see what the problem is, but apparently, despite my age and professional background, I am unable to make up my mind as to when I can get up in the morning and go to work and when I can decide I have worked the requisite amount of time to complete my work week and go home.  This really pissed me off, as I wasn’t expecting anything for coming in earlier and going home at the same time as I was supposed to.  

I really hate being treated like a child.  I have spent most of my adult life taking care of myself, and my medical issues.  When I need a mommy I pick up the phone and call my Mom.  When I need a wife, I talk to my wife.  What I don’t need at work is a mommy or a wife.  I need to be left to my work and not bothered by people who are not my supervisors.

Sorry for the rants but these two things have really been irritating me today.

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