Friday, October 21, 2005

I Have Some Questions

I have been thinking about the Harriet Miers nomination since it was first announced almost 3 weeks ago.  I have yet to form a firm opinion on this nominee, but I have some concerns.

First off, at least on the surface, she doesn’t appear to have the qualifications to be a viable candidate for the Supreme Court.  I don’t say this because she doesn’t have any judicial experience; I say this because she has no Constitutional background, or at least none that has been exposed to date.  The little information that is dribbling out, at least in my opinion, seems to make her nomination a nod to the absurd.  See had forgotten to pay her DC Bar dues until she got the notice that her ability to practice law had been suspended in DC.  What kind of top lawyer forgets to keep their license current.

Okay let’s move on.

As the title indicates I’ve got some questions.  More specifically I have some questions that I think should be asked when she goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee for her hearings.  The problem is that some of these questions won’t get asked, and if they do she won’t answer them anyway.  The reason she won’t answer them is that she will be advised not to answer any questions definitively, but I suspect she may not be able to answer them at all.

I doubt many of these exact questions will be asked? The Democrats and Republicans are likely to dance around the issue of Roe v Wade like that case has some kind of divine power to dictate what kind of Justice Ms. Miers will make.

I would really like to know how the President feels that this person was the most qualified for the bench.  I have heard various theories on why she was nominated, I have state previously that I think her nomination is part of a larger plan to get a hard right-wing ‘neocon’ on the Court by putting up a ridiculous nominee that would be a consensus rejection, but also one that if by some miracle got confirmed would be controllable by the ‘neocons’ for a period of time.  This can not be said of anyone else on the Court.

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