Monday, October 24, 2005

Heshy And His Hatemongering

Over the post-Yom Kippur period Heshy as been going after what he apparently sees as 'lesser' or heretical Jews.

It seems to me that Heshy waited until after the Days of Awe to go off on a strange series of rants against other Jews who are not of the same 'grouping' as he is. In this post called "Mazel Tov Another 2 Heretical Temples THE dust...Do YOU HEAR THE GOOD NEWS dov bear,and the rest of you anti ultra orthodox bloggers?" In this post this narcissistic bore discusses how he is very excited that 2 schuls are closing and that he hopes to dance even more fervently on Simchas Torah because of it.

He also attacks other Orthodox Jews here called "Dov Ber and not the gadol hador AWAKE." In this exciting rant the looney decides to attack the two named bloggers as well as others. In this attack he discuss why Ultras (his term, which shows the possibility that he is not even legitimate, and if he is that he is in need of medication and treatment) are better than other Jews and why they are going to be 'taking over the Jewish world.'

Let's look at this statement for a moment. There is some truth to this statement, for one the Orthodox and 'Ultra' Orthodox families do tend to have more children, while the other Jewish 'movements' usually don't. The other movements tend to have a higher level of inter-marriage and this dilutes those movements. So in some ways Heshy's statements are true. My problem with Heshy, and his statements aren't with the basis it is with the content and how it is presented. For one thing, I don't believe that belittling other movements within Judaism is the best way to influence them to becoming more religious. Also, I don't believe that trying to convince people up front of things that they already do/may believe in is wrong is the best way to approach this either. The first they that Heshy needs to realize is that the best way to produce 'new' Orthodox Jews is to educate people with logical, non-ranting materials. As an example, though Heshy won't understand this or agree, is to read the religious posts on DovBear or other blogs where they try to do this.

Well time to get back to post lunch work. Have a good holidays and we will see you on Thursday aftger the Yom Tovim.

came across your site, man do you know anyone in imigration? you don't have many fans. I think I feel the same way as you on a lot of issues. Why is man so quick to judge that thier way is the only way? What kind of brain do you have to have to want to pierce or permenantly color your skin? My family is my family, blood is thicker then water, but why can we all just get along? Anonymously posting gives an un-bias playing ground
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