Monday, October 31, 2005

Have To Say I Missed This Last Week

In the aftermath of Harriet Miers withdrawl from consideration, and the media's expectation of Friday's indictment's this lovely bit of legislation go lost.

House Republicans chop several programs

House Republicans voted to cut student loan subsidies, child support enforcement and aid to firms hurt by unfair trade practices as various committees scrambled to piece together $50 billion in budget cuts.

The measure is the first in eight years to take aim at the automatic growth of federal spending programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

I have a real problem with the cutting of student loan subsidies and child support enforcement. I think that the 'right-wing' is beginning to show what has been lurking for a while. Cut the aide to low income students who need loans to go to school. Cut money to the enforcement of child support, I think the concept of this one is it might force people to stay together if they can't get as much support for the payment of the child support they may be due. Oh yeah, and for those people who are on Medicaid or Medicare we will not keep up with the automatice growth the economy requires.

This is bullshit, but at least they hid it to avoid the outcry. After all can't have all those America Hating 'Liberals' raising a stink about this can we.

Oh, and in case you didn't reach the bottom of the article, ANWR drilling was voted on as well. (Can you guess who voted for what.)

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