Thursday, October 27, 2005

Final Thoughts for the Day

1. The impending indictments of Rove, Libby, and possible others seems to have the Republicans scrambling to find a way to spin this situation positively. It also seems to have the Democrats running in circles like excited dogs. I think that whether or not this is a serious blow to the administration is going to be what the indictments entail. If the indictments are only perjury, then I think the administration will be able to spin this situation as being the actions of a 'rogue' prosecutor run wild. (Not everyone is going to buy this, but a portion of the administrations base will run with it, as well as the Republican 'Talking Heads.') If the indictments are for 'bigger' crimes, I think the administration may be in for a rough time for an extended period. The administration has been slowly sinking in a mire of bad decisions. (The social security plan, the Terri Shaivo situation, the current investigation, the Miers nomination, Hurricane Katrina, and problems with the response to Wilma.)

2. It seems that the response of FEMA to Wilma, as noted above, seems to be experiencing problems. The President has acknowledged being a little bit slow. FEMA apparently didn't have assets dedicated to assist on the East Coast of Florida. That Wilma wouldn't cause the damage it did on the East Coast. Governor Jeb has acknowledged that 'HE' made some mistakes in preparation.

3. The Middle East. Why do the Palestinians feel the need to continually draw out the blood of innocents. I know that they claim that it was in response to the Israeli killing of a Islamic Jihad leader in Yahudah and Sameria, but I somehow think it takes more than 5 to 7 days to plan a suicide bombing, so I don't buy the 'reasoning' for the attack. I really believe that this attack was planned and that it would have occurred with some other justification.

4. The Days run together: I have been preparing a lot of tax registration at work recently and by the end of the day I am usually buggy. This process will hopefully be done early next week and I will have more 'brain time.' In the mean time I will try to get at least a couple of posts down and then well see what we have to talk about afterward.

5. Have a good evening and I will talk at you again briefly tomorrow.

came across your site, man do you know anyone in imigration? you don't have many fans. I think I feel the same way as you on a lot of issues. Why is man so quick to judge that thier way is the only way? What kind of brain do you have to have to want to pierce or permenantly color your skin? My family is my family, blood is thicker then water, but why can we all just get along? Anonymously posting gives an un-bias playing ground
be kind to all
It depends what you mean by anonymous. Although I don't openly give out my name on this blog, I am not exactly going out of my way to hide who I am. Having said that, thank you for your kind words.
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