Wednesday, October 19, 2005

FCC Favors Christian Broadcasters Over Public School Students

Why is a high school radio station being taken away and the frequency given to a Christian broadcasting corporation?

This does not seem to be the Christian thing to do, but when a high school radio station requested an increase in their wattage from 10 watts to 250 watts, the FCC does a review and this situation gives other broadcasters a chance to take the frequency away.  

As a said, this doesn’t seem to be a very Christian move by the broadcasting corporation.  I believe that allowing the students to continue to broadcasting can not be a bad thing, it gives them some good experience and encourages them to think about how they are going to do any work on the station that they are doing.  The broadcasting corporation is taking advantage of a situation to get a frequency anyway they can and whether or not it really is necessary.  The FCC has ‘ruled’ that the use of this frequency by the Christian Broadcasters was a better use of the public airwaves.  This seems to be a ridiculous reason for ending a 35 year school tradition that is giving these students a very useful set of skills.

I would like to say I wish there was something beyond this post that I could in this situation, but at the moment I am drawing a complete blank.

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