Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ed Schultz, The Pentagon, And AFN

Why is this administration so paranoid of people who do not agree with their policies?

I know that no one likes to hear criticism about their policies or performance.  The Bush Administration seems to feel that any position other than theirs is intolerable.  I have heard people such as Rush Limbaugh, and many other ‘right-wing’ talking heads, say that if you don’t agree with them or the administration that you are a traitor to this country.  This position seems to be ridiculous to me; not only do we have the Constitutional right to be a voice of descent, one could make the argument that we have a Constitutional imperative to voice our disagreement with the policies that we feel are inappropriate for our country.

At the end of September of this year a ‘liberal’ talk show host by the name of Ed Schultz was informed by the people involved in running the Armed Forces Network radio broadcasts would begin carrying the 1st hour of his show.  Last week, in the aftermath of the staged ‘conversation’ with the troops in Iraq that were providing security for the vote for the new Constitutional vote over the weekend, Mr. Schultz began discussing the problems that were inadvertently ‘revealed’ with Allison Barber coaching the various participating military personnel how to deal with the ‘conversation.’  On Monday, the day that AFN was to begin carrying the Ed Shultz show, Ms. Barber called the producers of the Ed Schultz show and told them that they would not be going on AFN at this time.

Why is this happening?  It is my opinion that they are afraid of any and all descent.  They do not want the troops in Iraq and around the world to know the opinions of people other than those such as Rush Limbaugh.  Apparently they fell if the soldiers hear any other ideas they may just decide not to follow orders or something.  

I am hoping that they will shortly get this taken care of and that Mr. Schultz show will get to air on AFN in the very near future.  We are paying for the broadcasts that our soldiers are listening to, should they not at least hear both sides of the political spectrum to know what is being said in this country.

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