Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bush, Miers, & The Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers told George W. Bush in a 1997 birthday card that he was "the best governor ever" and, in a separate note to her boss, said she hoped his twin daughters recognize their parents are "cool."
A transcript of her confirmation hearing before the state Senate in 1995 indicated that lawmakers asked Miers, an attorney, only a few questions and that her nomination by Bush was generally unopposed.
In 1997, Miers sent Bush a belated birthday card featuring a sad-looking dog and the note: "Dear Governor GWB, You are the best Governor ever -- deserving of great respect!" She added, "At least for thirty days -- you are not younger than me."   Bush's birthdate is July 6, 1946; Miers' is August 10, 1945.
That October, Miers wrote Bush a note saying she hopes his twins, Jenna and Barbara, recognize they have "cool" parents.
The above is a sizable portion of the article at CNN.com on the above link.  I find this to be a very bizarre series of written communications.  I also wonder what this says about the nomination of Ms. Miers.  I have no real reason, as yet, to oppose this nomination.  The fact that I haven’t seen any reason to oppose this nomination is more than over balanced what I do find disturbing about this nomination.  It is clear more and more that while Ms. Miers may be qualified, I think it is going to be hard to convince anyone that this appointment is anything other than political cronyism or payback for her support over the years.  I am not sure that I actually oppose it, I just don’t find any reason to support.  In the vacuum that I am operating in for this decision I have only to go on the bits that seem to leak out and that seems to be, as I said, more disturbing about this appointment.  

I have heard speculation that this is a set-up nomination.  If she gets confirmed Bush has accomplished what he wanted in getting a crony on the Supreme Court.  On the other had if, as may be the case, Bush is forced in to pulling the nomination (or the nominee pulling herself from the process), I have a feeling we will get a nominee that is a ‘right-wing ideologue.’  If this Ms. Miers gets pulled or does not get confirmed it becomes much harder for the ‘left-wing’ to object to the next nominee in a way that doesn’t immediately show signs of obstructionist behavior.  Frankly as much as I hate to put it this way, Bush and his brain Turd-Blossom may have put the Democrats, and the rest of the country, in a situation that is hard to out-wit.  A sort of damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.  (Turd-Blossom is very good at putting people in that situation it seems.)

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