Friday, October 28, 2005

Again, Why Do People Feel The Need?

Okay first Sheryl Swoops announces to the world, as though anyone really cared one way or the other, that she is a lesbian; and today it comes out that George "Mr. Sulu" Takei is gay.

So my question is why am I supposed to care? Or maybe I should say, why is such a big deal being made of this? In the case of Mr. Takei, I have been a fan of his work, specifically on Star Trek, but else where also. I frankly never thought about his sexuality as a factor in the work he has done, and I doubt that I ever will. I am only interested in if I feel his portrayal of the roll he is working on is well acted.

I am not a particularly big basketball fan, though I do follow the Cavs as I live in Cleveland and they do have LeBron, I don't really watch much basketball be it men's or women's. I know Ms. Swoops name, and know that she is very talented at her chosen profession. And isn't that really what is important, not who or what sex her 'bed-mate' may happen to be.

I get really tired of a person's sexuality being made a big deal of. I don't particularly want to know what is going on in anyone else's bedroom. (And what goes on in mine is no one else's business either.) This really isn't a matter of prudishness, it is a matter of societial sanity. Do we really need to know or care what another person is doing? From a religious point a view, I do have problems with homosexuality, but that being said I have friends that are gay and I would never turn away from them for THAT reason. (One of my favorite memories from college was sitting in a bar girl watching with a friend who was a lesbian. The thing that made it so much fun was discovering we had similar taste in women.)

Ah, well. Life goes on and I guess that 'celebraties' will constantly feel the need to expose there personal lives for everyone to examine and judge. (As a sort of related note, I couldn't care less who Paris Hilton is with, if Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are or aren't married, or that Britney had a baby.)

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