Sunday, September 11, 2005

A worldwide Muslim Conspiracy?

Okay, maybe the title is just a little overstated. (If not marginally paranoid.)

Having said that I have a question: Am I the only one who seems to think that Muslims worldwide will through what ever comes into there heads out there to see what they can get to stick? 4 Years ago Britian established Holocaust Day to commenorate the Holocaust. It was established to commemorate the 'worst event in modern history. The 'Muslim youths' of Britian apparently feel that they are excluded from the commemoration and that Holocaust Day needs to be replaced with Genocide Day in which the murders in Chechnya and Bosnia will also be commemorated. The apparently are also interested in attacking Israel because of the '...500 Palestinian towns and villages that have been wiped out over the years. That’s pretty genocidal to me.'

It seems to me the Muslims in Britian are 'throwing something against the wall' to see if it will stick. I have no problem with the concept of commemorating the murders that were perpetrated in Chechnya and Bosnia, but they should be done on a different day. Why, well even thought 6 million Jews were murdered during the Shoah, an additional 5 million people were also systematically murdered as well. Neither the murdering of Chechnens or Bosnian Muslims was anywhere near that extensive, and those events were fairly exclusive to Muslims. They are also forgetting to mention the thousands of Christians that have been murdered by Muslims in the Darfour Region in recent years, the thousands of Kurds that were killed by Saddam, and others situations around the world.

It really comes down to situations, I am not especially opposed to the concept of memorializing all of the millions of people who have been murdered over the years by brutal regimes around the world, what I do have a problem with is revisionism of history that people are constantly trying to do, by marginalizing of a single horrific event they are in fact marginalizing all of humanity and our ability to rebound from those events.

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