Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Will The Palestinians Ever Take The Blame?

It is being reported the the PA Minister of Foreign Affairs (How a non-country has a minister of foreign affairs I am not sure) has blamed Israel for the fact that there was chaos and rioting at the Rafiah border yesterday.

Israel is no longer in control of the territory. Israel had an agreement with the Egypt to keep the borders under control, yet somehow the the fact that Israel didn't provide security(because of the unilateral withdrawl) is the reason the Palestinians were rioting.

So let me see, they riot and kill us if we are in Gaza, they riot and kill each other if we are not in Gaza, and somehow we are responsible for both. So the question is, when will the Palestinians be to blame when this happens? They aren't happy with the 'occupation' which provided border security, they aren't happy with out us being there to provide the security that came from the 'occupation.' Can anyone tell me just what the hell (with the exception of the destruction of Israel) that these idiots want from us? I am out of ideas at this point.

Is Israel to Blame?

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