Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Why in Britian?

A left-wing Israeli, Yesh Gvul, group filed a lawsuit in Britain against Israel’s military chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, and his predecessor, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon. The lawsuit is over 'their involvement in the July 2002 assassination of Hamas terror mastermind Salah Shehada.' Apparently, at least I hope, the case is being filed because ' a one-ton bomb was dropped on [Shehada's] Gaza house, killing him and 15 civilians and wounding more than 100 people.'

I could almost understanding filing a lawsuit because of the other deaths. I have to admit I don't remember the assasination, but I would say two things about it.
1. If Shehada was a terrorist, see Arutz Sheva article for confirmation of this, then the PA was required to take action to arrest him. The fact that they didn't meant that Israel had to take some type of action.
2. If the innocents that were hurt or killed by this assasination knew that Shehada was living there and was a terrorist, something I have no idea of, then they really should have stayed away from him as Israel had a stated policy of targeted assasination. (This is not to say they had a desire to be killed in the strike on Shehada.)
Having gotten both of those out of the way, I have only one thing to ask: Why is an Israeli group filing a lawsuit against Israeli citizens in Great Britain? If this action is against the law, shouldn't be against the law in Israel as well, or is this just an attempt to get publicity over a rediculus situation?

JTA Article from which quotes are taken.

Arutz Sheva Gives background on Shehada's terrorist activity.

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