Friday, September 23, 2005

We Are Stupid, It's Your Fault

During a 'parade' put on by our trusted neighbors in Gaza, Hamas, they were parading a pick-up truck through the street full of home-made weapons. The obvious thing happen, as it seems to in these cases. One of the 'militants' from Hamas, who more than likely had bravely covered his face to avoid being identified by anyone around him, 'mis-handled' one of the weapons and cause the truck load of weapons to detonate. In what is the tragedy of the situation is that apparently a number of innocent children have been killed by the explosion. Despite the fact that the Israeli's are no longer in Gaza, Hamas immediately blamed Israel for the explosion.

The children aside, I have to admit that I always have a get a certain amount of pleasure when these paragons of human virtue and morality seem to be able to kill themselves with out taking any Jews with them. I will have to do Te'shuvah for the fellings as always, but I always, despite my attempts to improve, seem to have the same problem with over and over again. (Maybe part of the problem is that they always blame Israel automatically.)

Israel Insider

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