Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Upsurge In Violence

President Bush held a news conference to announce that there 'may be an upsurge in violence' in Iraq in the coming weeks heading in to the Iraqi elections.

I am nearly shocked by this announcement, as there seems that it is already going on. The violence of the last 10 days or so should be some indication of the type of upsurge we should be expecting. I find it interesting that the President felt the need to make this kind of announcement. Perhaps his popularity numbers and the falling poll number for approval are finally sinking in to members of this administration.

CNN Article

On a 'related' note:

It was announed today by IDF Intellegence Chief that there are signs of Al-Qa'eda setting up operations with in Gaza following the withdrawl. This is happening despite the fact that both the Egyptian and Palestinian authorities assured that the border would be guarded against just such an intrusion.

Arutz Sheva

It's hard to believe, because The Egyptians nor the Palestinians really have no beef with the Isreali's. Why would they let AlQa'eda sympathyzers into Gaza? Isreal has only been in maybe 2 o3 wars with Egypt. And c'mon Palestine? They are they best of friens with Isreal.
The point was that the Egyptians and Palestinians, as one would expect, made an agreement and broke it, yet the Israeli Government relied on the agreement in making the decision to go ahead with the withdrawl from Gaza.
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