Sunday, September 18, 2005

An Update of a Different Kind

I recently posted about a small portion of the insanity of Wife's family. Well just a little more information and a little update. Grandfather has been slowly developing dementia for a number of years but has begun rapidly going down hill on that front. When Grandmother (yes this is the Grandmother that slapped her adult son) was out of there retirement community apartment recently (last several weeks) he became very confused and went looking for her. On his way back to the apartment with out her, he 'had an accident' and pooped in the elevator, then left a trail of 'remains' from the elevator to their apartment.

Father-in-law, Father-in-law's Sister (Hence forth known as Aunt Zee) had decided it was time for Grandfather to go in to the nursing home portion, but was okay, for the time being, for Grandmother to stay in the apartment.

Since all of this was decided, with out Grandmother or Grandfather being involved, Grandmother made a guess that Father-in-law and Aunt Zee were going to try to make both of them move to assisted living and has begun a campaign to prevent this. She has enlisted there clergy at both the religious facility they attend regularly now, as well as the on-site clergy member, and a retired Doctor who lives at the facility and is a 'friend' of the family. Doctor has recommended that Grandmother get a lawyer to prevent what ever fantasy she has cooked up to tell them about.

Grandmother has also been attempting, and it appears at the moment successfully, to maniputate Aunt Zee to backing off. (As bad as this is going to sound, I really feel the simplest solution would be to bump-off Grandmother)

Well it is getting late and I am beginning to consider that solution as far more reasonable that It should be.

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