Friday, September 02, 2005

Taliban Chief Killed in Afghanistan

The above was a headline on the Fox News home page.

Despite the tragedy along the Gulf Coast this headline caught my eye. I was thinking, wow they actually got one of the people we've been after since we entered Afganistan. So I went to read the article to see how this 'great' leader of the Taliban, the infamous one-eyed mullah, was finally tracked down and killed. I wanted to make sure I saw this story before it got lost in the wave of ongoing information related to Katrina, and the government's 'inadequate' and 'unacceptable' response to date.

Here is the key line in the article that deflated me " An American soldier and an Afghan interpreter were killed in a clash between coalition forces and militants that also left a regional Taliban commander dead, officials said Friday. " That right folks, a REGIONAL chief of the Taliban was killed not the one-eyed mullah. I was very deflated by this little revelation. and it was the first line of the article. I was really hoping, it has been a long and depressing week both personally and from a national stand point, and this little story really seemed to be the type of overlooked story that would have made me feel at least a small victory had been achieved.

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