Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Story of Love

A young man (6 years old) was rescued by searchers in New Orleans. This young man and his siblings (5 total) were separated from their parents when the helicopter was unable to take the entire family on board. The young man and his siblings were seen waking on the Causeway of highway 10, the young man carrying his youngest sibling who was only a few months old. The children looked well fed, so those who located them on the Causeway were not sure exactly what was going on. The parents had sent the children ahead with the assurance that they would be quickly picked up by the helicopter and re-united with the children. I have not heard why, but the helicopter was unable to return to pick up the parents. The family has since been re-united, the young mans name - Diamonte Love.

(Source of full story was the noon episode of the Paul Harvey news)

A Picture of our young hero is at this link. This is the type of story that makes you proud to be both an American and a human capable of hearing and understanding this story. Hopefully young Master Love will be gifted by further acknowledgement of others in some measure of authority.

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