Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spread the Hate Around

An advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair said [PM Blair] decided to wage war on Iraq after coming under the influence of a "sinister" group of Jews and Freemasons. I really wish someone would let me in on a few of these plans and conspiracies, we have got to have a few that a Mid-Western Jew with a tax background could be of help with.

And the big suprise of the article is Ahmad Thomson, from the Association of Muslim Lawyers
said Mr Blair was the latest in a long line of politicians to have been influenced by the group.

Mr Thomson wrote a book in 1994 in which he said Freemasons and Jews controlled the governments of Europe and America and described the claim that six million Jews died in the Holocaust as a "big lie". In The Next World Order, Mr Thomson, a Muslim convert who was born Martin Thomson in Rhodesia, wrote: "When the majority of people in a predominantly Christian society cease to worship God, the result is fascism. When the people in a predominantly Jewish society cease to worship God, the result is either communism or capitalism. A predominantly Christian society is concerned primarily with establishing a political ideology, whilst a predominantly Jewish society is concerned primarily with establishing an economic system."

Okay, we have a Rhodesian born Brit who converted to Islam who sees both Jewish and Freemason (You've got to love those secret societies that control the world) as the evil in the world. I also like how Christians become Fascist but Jews are either communists or, heaven forbid, capitalists. The problem is that this brain-fried boob has apparently forgotten that the majority of the Muslim countries in the World are essentially Fascist controlled dictatorships that will allow NO disagreement with the government and are some of the most brutal regimes on the planet, but I wouldn't to confuse a good conspiracy rant with the facts or anything.

News Telegraph Article

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