Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Return of GOOD Parenting?

There are times I read/hear/see stories that make me wonder about what people were thinking. This story just makes me wonder not only what were the people thinking, but were the government agencies involved wondering and how did this get missed for a period of time.

About 50 miles west of where I live, a family was found to be locking up 8, yes 8, children in 3 foot by 3 foot cages. The children were all special needs children, and the 'parents' felt that this was the best way to protect the children from being hurt at night. The children were a combination of adopted and foster children and the home had a total of 11 children living there. (The hospital mentioned in the article is one that is in the city that my In-Laws lived in until about 2 1/2 months ago)

At this point all 11 children are in the care of the county, but as of this time no charges have been filed against the parents because they apparently felt that they were actually do the best they could for the children.

How in the world did this couple get custody of foster children or pass the type of testing that is supposed to be done in order to adopt children? And how was this couple able to adopt additional children, didn't they check out the circumstances of the previous children before the additional adoptions? Are they supposed to? I don't know. Where was the county fostering agencies personnel who were supposed to be keeping up on the welfare of the children? Should this person possibly lose their job?

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