Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Religion in Under Two Hours

A British publisher is printing a condensed version of the Christian Bible and instead of 780,000 words and 1,200 chapters, there are just 20,000 words in fewer than 60 pages. I do have a problem with this, but it is different than any discussed in the article. The article discusses the issues surrounding removing, for all intents and purposes, the beauty of the writing.

My concern in this situation is simple, I dislike the way this will minimize the origins of the 'Old Testament' by only convering the things that this publisher feels applies to Jesus and Christian Theology. This removes the real 'intent' of the older books as they will eliminate much to much of the material.

Oh, well. I guess I can't expect respect out of a anyone who would also publish a version of the bible all done in 700 limericks.


I did a post on this awhile back.

I dont really worry about the same things you do (Being a Christian, not Jewish), but still worry that this really marginalizes the content.

Kinda like The Bible's Clift Notes.
I will have to read your post on it this evening. I am mostly upset I think because my feeling really is that I feel this makes a mockery of the whole point of religion.
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