Monday, September 12, 2005

The New Terror Warning

In a new terror statement that was aired yesterday morning on ABC News, the spokesman alledgedly for Al Qa'eda stating that the next terror attacks would be in Los Angeles and Melbourne.

The following statements were taken from the tape that contained the warning:
1. "Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne, Allah willing. And this time, don't count on us demonstrating restraint and compassion."
2. "We love peace, but when the enemy violates that peace or prevents us from achieving it, then we love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosions, and slitting the throats of the infidels."

So, they are now so confident of their abilities to attack where they want, that they are 'calling their shot.' I find that a little bit arrogant, if nothing else. I also find the fact that they are saying we shouldn't 'count on us demonstrating restraint and compassion' to be amusing. I mean really, these nut cases have to be the least restrained and least compassionate group of people on the planet. They don't care for anyone else's lives, not even other Muslims if they don't agree 100% with them, and go so far as not even caring for their own, or at least their followers, lives.

The second quote is even more 'amusing.' They love peace the same way Jews love pork. The further it is from them the more they love it. The truly tell phrase in this whole statement is "prevents us from achieving it," why you may be asking yourself, well because this is the phrase that reveals the truth of how they think. Anything that 'stands in their way' will be seen as preventing them from achieving peace. They are clearly thinking that peace will only be achieved when everyone believes precisely as they do, and they will do whatever they have to, including murdering millions of people, to achieve that end, because anything else is preventing them from achieveing the type of peace they want.

Fox News Story

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