Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A New Face

I have two reasons for posting this article, the first is the great potential for this project. The second is because I know one of the Doctor's involved in the program.

So what am I talking about? I am talking about the up-coming first 'face transplant.' This is, as the Doctor I know described it, as a 'giant skin-graft.' The project is to help people who have been severly disfigured in some way, such as being badly burned or from having surgery. The real positive here is to help people who are not comfortable with being able to 'move around' in public to become connected again.

They are evaluating a number of people at this time to find the person who will be 'best suited' for the program. The Doctor that I know was saying that things like coping skills and a low level of mental illness (for lack of a better off the cuff term) are very important. Naturally most of the people that they will be evaluating will be have some mental illness as they will likely be suffering from depression.

This exciting procedure, as I have been trying to get across, has great prospective benefits for many people. I ask, on a purely independent level, that you keep the people who are potentially to benefit from this procedure in your thoughts and prayers, and hope that the procedure is both successful on the first try and becomes a way to help the people who are suffering because of their disfigurement.


The face value of this project seems a very compassionate endeavor. People facing such great adversity of being disfigured to the extent of causing them some Mental Illness are truely courageous. Not being able to face others would be a horrible thing to face every day. I think If I were faced with such a tragedy in my life I would probably fall flat on my face. I would hate to loose face though, even if it was to help another gain face.
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