Friday, September 02, 2005

Military Convoy with Aid

Finally, it has only been 4 days the first military aid convoy has arrived in the City of New Orleans. I have been not really discussing this horrible situation here mostly because I have been overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation and have not known where to begin. I have been wondering how I could post a story about the situation, I like to discuss a situation and not just a small portion of the story. That being the case, I felt that this was a good place to start: "Four days after Hurricane Katrina struck, the National Guard arrived in force Friday with food, water and weapons — rolling through floodwaters in a vast truck convoy with orders to retake the streets and bring relief to the suffering. "

My only comment on this is, it is about time. Jr. made a speech this morning about how the response to the tragedy has been 'unacceptable,' and I agree it has been unacceptable and I place a large portion of the blame at the feet of President Jr. Nothing was done over the last several years to prevent this type of tragedy, and the President sat in Crawford, Texas for 2+ days on 'vacation' while people were dieing in the streets and homes of New Orleans because his administration reacted to slowly. (As an aside, he didn't wait to long to rush back to Washington to sign the unconstitutionally intrusive bill about a single individual, but hurrying back to Washington to do the constitution, and more importantly, the moral thing he was apparently in no hurry to do.)

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