Monday, September 26, 2005

A Little Bit of This

Some quick hits on a variety of things.

1. I have been watching the new Battlestar Galactica. I have always been a big fan of the original series, and was a little leary of the new series and some of the changes. With the completion of the first half of season 2 I will say that I am glad that I gave the show a chance. It has become an outstanding Sci-Fi drama, and has become more consistantly written in the second year.

2. Wife and I were watching Head Cases. It may not have been the best show on television, and I didn't expect it to last as it was very strange, but I am sorry to see it cancelled in such a short time. The show had, as some one who deals with panic attacks from the outside regularly, a realistic portrayal of what they at least look like. Additionally it was good to see Adam Goldberg doing something useful on television. Wife and I may be the only one's but I will miss this show.

3. I am glad that the new season has started. I can always watch reruns of Law & Order, but new episodes are always better.

4. Missed the Simpsons last night, but number 3 applies to Simpsons as well.

5. I am teaching a Tax Class for a major national tax preparer. I enjoy teaching and my students always seem to like my classes. It almost makes me wish to change my life's work.

6. During the summer, Wife and I watched the Closer, Wanted and 4400. I enjoyed all three series. Closure will return, a big positive, Wanted was a bit strange but I enjoyed it and hope it will return despite some negative press I have seen, and I love 4400, but haven't as yet seen anything about it's return.

7. Wife had an interview today. She said it went very well. If you could all cross your fingers and help me think positive thoughts on this one I would appreciate it.

8. Baseball season is almost over. (Sigh, I love baseball.) But the positive, the Indians have a magic number of 7 as of this morning, so I only have one thing to say.GO TRIBE!

Well that was the 'small items.' Looking forward to more soon.

Thanks for the riviting play-by-play action of your life on the couch. Maybe next week you could inventory your sock drawer and share the results with us. Better yet maybe read the Sunday coupon insert to everyone
As stated before not everyting is for you. In this case I was discussing a wide variety of things that apparently didn't interest you. Or maybe the blog doesn't interest you.
LW: How I wish the new Battlestar Galactica series was broadcast in Israel. I was a mega fan...

However, we're trying to get rid of YES (sattelite TV) as an exmaple to the kids, so I guess I'll need to wait for it to come out on DVD.

The sacrifices one makes for living in Israel.
Jameel, on the next trip to the states check out a Best Buy/Circuit City/ Walmart or whatever. The first season with the mini-series is out. I will say the first season was a bit on the uneven side though, but the second season has been great.
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