Monday, September 26, 2005

Kidnapped and Murdered

An Israeli was kidnapped and murdered last Wednesday by Hamas terrorists in the Samaria/Yahudah region. Sasson Nuriel, was the owner of a candy business in Mishor Adumim, east of Jerusalem on the road to Jericho. I am thinking that this was an intentionally target rather than one of opportunity. (This has been said with all due sarcasism.) The reason I say that is that as a candy businessman it is well known in all of the Palestinian territories that he has been attempting to poison the young Palestinians for years. It is good to know how just Allah truly can be.

Arutz Sheva.

I get it sarcasism. Yeah good one!
Had to spell it out for YOU, after all I wouldn't want you confused.
Allah Hu-Achbar!
Allah Hu-Achbar!
Allah Hu-Achbar!
Allah Hu-Achbar!
Allah Hu-Achbar!
Well you did spell it out. However you chose to spell it out incorecctly.
My blog my choice. You don't like don't come back.
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