Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How old is too Old?

I am sorry about not posting since Friday. My holiday weekend was much more confused than I was planning or expecting it to be. I hope every one had a very restful shabbat and a nice and safe holiday weekend. I also hope that the progress being made in New Orleans is going to save some lives in the the short term.

Now I have a question that came out of my very confused and strange weekend. And that is How Old is Too Old? What do I mean by this? Well here is the story in its barest bones.

My wife's 82 year old Grandmother slapped her 62 son (my wife's father) across the face when he caught her in a lie during a 'family discussion' and pointed it out to her. Now I know that you should never slap a child. But other generations had other 'rules' and so the question really is IF slapping a child was considered an acceptable form of punishment how old would be two old for the child to be punished in this way.

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