Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here We Go Again Part 2

In a news update CNN is reporting that Rita has just reached Cat 5 status, and is still on course for coastal Texas.

I find it interest and had posted Here we go again when this was first beginning to break.

My comments on this is as follows: I am not one who has been getting on the divine retribution bandwagon with the hurricanes, but I do find it vaguely interesting that Rita seems to be on course to take out the only portion of the Gulf Coast that hasn't been damaged in the last 18 months. If G-D is attacking us with natural disasters ( and I stress the if), then he surely has some major bone to pick with the Gulf Coast states. (I can't blame Bush, I don't think he is controlling the storms after all.)

The reporting of a good idea. CNN is reporting that 2 nuclear energy plants along the Texas Gulf Coast are going to be shutting down for the period of the hurricane. (They do believe both are built to withstand a Cat 5.) (This did cause a thought though, if we could for see this when building a energy plant, why not when initially designing the retaining walls and levees in New Orleans.)

Another story on CNN is titled Rita could equal $5 gas, did we really need to announce it this far in advance of the storm actually doing anything. After all, while I am sure the Oil Execs were already thinking this and salivating, now they are really going to be thinking they can get away with it.

bye bye texass
doomsday reporters/followers are disturbing...i guess it is the american way...for you.

Actually I don't tend to be a doomsday person. I don't think that way, but I have to observe what I see.
It' Ok to go ahead and leave the "o" in GOD. It's not as if he doesn't know you are talking about him. He IS ultra-powerful and can control storms and such. Maybe God has stock in the oil business. Massive Storms=complete destruction=increased oil prices.

Part of not taking abusing His name. Even though from a religious stand point I don't believe it is His name, I do like to make sure.
Well, when the levees and retaining walls surrounding New Orleans break they don't contaminate the area with Nuclear Radiation for thousands of years. Thats the only reason I can see they might not have built the levee's as strong.
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