Wednesday, September 21, 2005

From The List of Things I Don't Understand

Okay, I have never really understood the appeal of getting a tattoo. Not only do I think they look a little strange, but I have a fear of needles that I think sort of eliminates the 'tattoo thing.' I will only be stuck with needles so many times, and they seem to like to do that to me to monitor several of the meds that I am on.

Why, you may ask, am I even bringing this up?

Katrina tattoosSept. 20: Deborah and Joe Pfalzgraf, who evacuated to Memphis, Tenn., after Hurricane Katrina hit, decided to get a permanent souvenir of the storm -- matching tattoos, featuring an exact radar image of the storm as it passed over New Orleans.

The link will take you to a video from MSNBC. I am still having issues with picture posting from my work computer.

For someone who seems to be an historian of their culture you need to do some research on tattoos.
Try searching on Google or how'bout
It seems you have a lot of time on your hands - BTW your link to the photo or publication does not work.
I will attempt to correct the error with the link.

As to the other issue. I understand the historic origins of tattoos. I am not sure I understand the modern fasination with them.

I also have a religious reasoning, but that is really not where my lack of understanding comes from.

Finally, I think part of my problem is that a lot of the people are getting tattoo that have signifcance that they are either ignoring or are ignorant of, and that seems to reflect a level of arrogance that just bugs me.
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