Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Damn to Jews and Their Plots

Why is it that every move that Israel makes is seen as a plot to 'take over' something else. Granted the withdrawl from Gaza was designed to have political concequences. And granted the announcement to continue to expand Ma'aleh Adumim and other 'East Jerusalem settlements' were announced at about the same time, mostly to take advantage of the situation and to mitigate some of the internal political issues, but I really don't think the 'plot' of withdrawl is really designed to allow the 'de-palestinization' of East Jerusalem. (Is De-Palestinization a word?) Additionally, why does the UN continue to complain about the fence, it has been shown to cut the number of terrorist attacks inside 'Israel proper' and save. . . lives . . . Oh yeah, those are Jewish lives, so nobody cares about them. Now if we were saving Palestinian lives, other than those of the suicide bombers, well that would be a completely different issue.

The UN and the UN Human Rights Commission continues to hammer at Israel, when is it the Palestinians turn for how they treat their own people, or the Jews. When does someone tell the UN that there agency for the singular purpose of maintaining Arabs in ghettos disguised as refugee camps is far more inhumane, than a security fence designed to save lives on both sides.

What, logic, even handedness, oh goodness I have obviously slipped off the deep end.

Ha'aretz Article

because those evil Jews keep making more money and aquiring more power than the lazy Christians in Europe... and of course Allah's chosen people...

They dont use the phrase "Dont hate the player, hate the game"

Instead of hating Jews, they should look in the mirror and see what they can do to improve themselves... but we both know that will never happen.
G, I know. But after a while this type of silliness really gets under the skin. I also realize that it isn't just aimed at Jews but at many minorities in many situations. My out look though comes from my background. I really wish people would deal with each individual and not look at all people in a group.
enlightenment would be nice, not likely, but nice
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