Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush Passes Notes to Condi

Picture of Bush Note

In what has to be another classicly strange Presidential moment for the Bush II Administration, a note that Bush wrote to Secretary Rice while listening to the useless babbling of Kofi Anan at the UN dealt with his 'possible' need to go to the restroom.

As a frequenter of restrooms and bathrooms (If I have been in a store 3 times I know where the bathroom is.) I don't begrudge the man needing to use a restroom, just that fact that he seems unsure if he need to use the restroom. For a man who seems to be constantly looking for the Photo Ops, he seems to get caught 'with his pants down,' so to speak, quite frequently.

The issue to me is that if he has to go to the bathroom, lean over to Condi and make sure of the protocol, then get up and leave. Don't write notes, it seems so grade-school. And this being said, perhaps it fits anyway.

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