Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Breaking News on Tom DeLay

The House Majority Leader, the ever moral and just, Tom DeLay has been indicted by the Texas grand jury. The indictment surrounds the 'alledgely illegal campaign financial' scheme that he and two of his political 'associates' were involved in.

The initial response from Rep. Delay (R) Texas, is that the Travis County DA has persued this issue out of political malice because he is a Democrat. I don't know, nor am I going to pretend that I know, much about this case. I do believe that if the DA has any interest in a continued political career, he wouldn't be persuing this situation with out some belief that it is true. Now, as we all remember from our high school civics classes, not to mention just about every crime drama at one time or another, the grand jury only hears the evidence that the DA puts on to get an indictment, it doesn't mean that DeLay is guilty of any crime.

Hopefully, this will be enough of an embaressment for the district from which he is from to consider a change.

(My fear is that his constituents are going to be as goofy as the people in Mahoning County Ohio, where I grew up, and the votes that James Traficant recieved for his Congressional seat AFTER having been found guilty of tax evasion and accepting bribes and being sentenced to jail.)

Fox Story
CNN Story This story, at least at the initial stage, is much more extensive.

Hmmm. there must be something in Mahoning County's water supply. Or maybe an over abundance of microwave ovens and Power lines. That would Definatley explain the abundance of stupidity that originates from that area.
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