Sunday, September 11, 2005

Breaking News: FEMA slow to respond to Katrina

In what has to be the most shocking news of the entire disaster, CNN is reporting Mayors in several cities are saying that FEMA still has yet to fully deploy all necessary assets in their areas.

"Clearly the FEMA response has been slow" Matthew Avara, mayor of Pascagoula, Mississippi, was quoted as saying. "They wear their badges, and they look good. But unfortunately, we just not have seen all the assets and all the resources that we need in our city" Mr. Avara added.

Slidell, Louisiana, Mayor Ben Morris also slammed FEMA Saturday, saying when the storm hit, "everything we did was on our own. It's been quite slow, but we do have some of their folks on the ground, and they're working real hard. Hopefully, they'll get up to speed sometime soon."

The story goes on to report that President Bush will fly to New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday, his third trip to the Gulf Coast since the storm struck. I have a slight dispute with this. I have a problem with giving President Bush credit for a visit to the Gulf Coast after the Storm for his fly over on his way back to Washington from his 'working vacation' in Crawford.

The article also has updates on several things including the clean-up of New Orleans flooding. The Army Corp of Engineers has updated the time frame for the removal of the water. They are now predicting it will be complete by sometime in mid-October.

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