Monday, September 26, 2005

A B'nei Menashe Update

I have seen the number of B'nei Menashe who converted last week to be as high as 700. I am not sure that the number really matters all that much. The fact is that they are returning home.

The reason I even bring this up is the attached article. I find the attempt to explain the process to non-Jews to be rather humorous.

The Calcutta Telegraph

HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!You're right I tried explaining it to the detainees here in Cuba, and fell down in hysterical laughter before I was even half finished. Dummies.
Yeah, to bad your in Virginia and not in Cuba. The military sucks that way doesn't it.
Well I am actually not in either of those two places there Super-Slueth. Ever heard of DSN?
Yeah, well MR. Anonymous. You can be blocked from commenting either way. The real question: Are you an trolling to cause problems, or an anti-semitic ass just causing trouble? My guess, you don't have the brains to be an anti-semitic ass.
Anti-Moronic is all. I figured you you immediatly jump on the martyrdom bandwagon. I dislike all religions equally.
Actually the thought of you being an anti-semite was put in my head by my Christian wife. As you have ruled that out and the fact that you have a problem with religion in general I guess that puts you in the catagory of trolling to cause problems. Frankly I don't care. Even if you were an anti-semite, it's your problem not mine.

I don't see how I jumped on a martyrdom bandwagon when I suggested that you weren't an anti-semite in my previous comment to you. And if you are anti-moronic, perhaps you should remove all your mirrors, that way you won't have to look at the biggest one to visit my blog.
I know you are, but what am I.....NAH NAH NAH
But on a serious note.... Most problems, in particular the idealogical problems of the world. You know the ones you seem to comment on so often...Are the result of People rigidly adhering to antiquated and flawed philisophical belief systems developed thousands of years religeon. This whole argument of ours started from a innocent attempt at humor rleating to your post. By like so many of the Real troublemakers in the world, You pounced to the offensive to defend your belief system. Like a "car bomb" of literary retaliation
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