Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Anonymous Notes

Generally I write on here for a variety of reasons. There may be posts that make more sense than others. Yesterday I had a post about something that was bothering me on a personal level. Someone felt the need to not only comment on it, but to do so anonymously. The particular post was a designed to help me get out something that was bothering me. I appreciated that someone else felt they had enough time to try and read it, but to leave an insulting message is really un-necessary and un-appreciated.

I post many things that simply interest me. If the things don't interest anyone else, guess what, don't read it, you won't be hurting my feelings. This blog is for me, and for anyone who finds the things that show up here interesting. I also will post to help me clear something out of my head if something is bothering me. Generally those posts are not aimed to really be out there for anyone else, and really may not make sense to anyone who hasn't been through the situation. This same anonymous person didn't like a discussion of several different topics in a single post where I discussed several TV shows I have been watching and didn't really care if there was comments. I know several of my friends were going to be seeing it and it might lead to another discussion. Great, if not, I have expressed myself. Isn't that what a blog is for, to express yourself, not to make the random reader, who obviously for whatever reason was unable to even come up with an identifying name, happy.

Well I have gotten than off my mind. (Check that off the list of things to clear out and move on.)

I really don't know what is wrong with people. There are just some Very rude people out there.

I don't mind people being rude. But if they are going to visit a blog I really think they should understand that not everything on the blog is for them.
Ohhh ...Your make Blog makes me Happy...Very Happy indeed or I should say keeps me entertained.
What ever makes you happy is of utmost importance to me.
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