Thursday, August 11, 2005

Where are we going?

Iran began nuclear fuel production Tuesday which will give wild-eyed Iranian mullahs nuclear as well as chemical weapons. Middle age is tough. Iraq may be the first war we ever got into because our leaders were too vain to wear reading glasses.

The above quote is by Angus Hamilton. I want to post it because I found it to be very appropriate for the situation that we are in militarily right now. The thing about it that I felt was most interesting is that we have stretched our military so far at the moment that the country that we need to be 'threatening' militarily right now, we can't even make much noise about because it is obvious we don't have the military strength to enter another country.

It also sort of fits the overall persona that Jr. has developed over the years, that of an itinerate moron who 'bounces' around trying to be just 'a good ole boy.'

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