Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stories from the Disengagement 5

While I had intended to make this series about the small stories, and intend to continue to do so, I am going to take a break from that today for the discussion of the 'non-violent' resistence to the withdrawl from Gaza.

Photo of violence A hat tip to DovBear as I was looking for this image when this was originally posted.

I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to watch some of the live CNN coverage of the removal of people from the synagoge in Kfar Darom. While I understand the position of the protesters, and find that I am in agreement, at this point, with the opposition to the withdrawl from Gaza, I do have a problem with some of the ways the protest is being conducted. They were throwing a greenish liquid on the soldiers and the police today, and according to the reporter on the scene, it appeared to have some kind of chemicals in it that was causing injury to the soldiers and police.
This is where I draw the line, that is not a form of non-violent protest.

Unfortunately many of the protesters are not even Gaza residents, they are 'imports' from Yahudah and Samaria. This causes me an additional problem. While I agree with the sentiment, I really dislike having to watch a Jew hurt a Jew. Perhaps the withdrawl is the wrong move, but the people they are attacking and hurting are not problem, and injuring them is really not going to resolve the problem and will likely land many, if not all, of these protesters in jail for an extended period of time. This will have an affect on future withdrawl discussions and protests because they will not be in a position to participate, and they will likely lose out in the long run.

My final comment on this whole issue is that I hope that PM Sharon's plan works, I just fear it won't, and the problems will be much worse after this.

This posted was updated as of 12:10pm EDT on 8/19/05 for the photo content.

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