Sunday, August 14, 2005

The start of the disengagement

I have stated many times that I have problems with the situation that the disengagement is being conducted under. I am not really sure how I feel about the idea of withdrawing from the settlements in general.

Having said that, again, I am really going to find it hard to support the Gush residents if events like the one reported in the attached article are going to be the rule of the day. I believe that the residents of Gush and Israel have the right to peaceful demonstrations, but the minute the begin attacking IDF vehicles or personnel they lose my support. I understand their situation, I just do not condone attacking the military personnel of your own company when they are just doing what they are being ordered to do. I also dislike the fact that Gush residents are attacking IDF units on Tisha B'av, somehow that doesn't seem to be the type of morning rituals that should be done, then the government shouldn't have picked this week for the activities to have begun either.

(I also don't like the fact that Shimon Peres is giving 'pep rally' type speaches to motivate the troops to do something many of them may not feel comfortable with.

Settlers and Peres

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