Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stabbing in the Old City

Here is a breaking news story.

The story was less complete in its initial posting on Arutz Sheva, but they did have this update. It appears that one of the victims is in very bad shape and they are trying to revive him. I will update as I see additional information.

UPDATE: This article from has much more detail. The victims were both 'Ultra-Orthodox' youth and one had no pulse when Magen Dovid Adom paramedics first arrived. They got a pulse back and transported him to the hospital. The second victim is the one who informed the police and was in shock when a second paramedics squad arrived for him.

UPDATE: The Ynet story has been updated at the same link to report that the critically stabbed youth has died. Reuters is also reporting this. In the attached link they make a point to mention the fact that a "Jewish settler shot dead four Palestinians in the West Bank on August 17." which has nothing to do with this story.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This article from Arutz Sheva has some additional information on the attacks, including a description of the weapon used in the attack.

Why would Reuters do that?
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