Friday, August 19, 2005

Rockets Fired at US Warships

For the "What were they thinking?" department, comes the 4 Al-Qa'eda geniuses who attempted to hit 2 US warships in the port of Aqaba, Jordon. The 4, of Egyptain and Iraqi origin, apparently fired the rockets in an attempt to attack Israel, but these, fortunately inept morons, missed anything but water.

The rockets were apparently to be aimed at Elat, but none hit a useful target. The one that did make it into Israel hit just outside the airport and caused no damage or injuries.

The rockets that came near the US Warships were way off target, and one final rocket was so far off target that it apparently hit a Jordanian military hospital, killing one Jordanian soldier. So, to sum up 4 rockets aimed at Israel, 1 hit Israel with no casualties, 2 hit the water in the harbor with no damage and 1 that hit a Jordanian Military Hospital killing one soldier. They tried to kill Jews (no surprise there, and ended up killing an Arab.)

The Al-Qa'eda website that claims responsibility has these statements on them "Zionists are our rightful target", and "We bombed them in Taba and we attacked them today in Eilat and we will shake them up in Tal Al-Rabih (Tel Aviv), God willing."

Go to know that they are so willing to let by-gones be by-gones.

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