Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not about modesty

Okay final 'issue' of the day.

I have an issue with the way young women dress today. This is not a religious issue in that I am not offended because they are not dressed with proper modesty. (Though that could easily be an issue.)

The issue I have is with the wearing of Low-Rise jeans or Hip-huggers, or what ever you wish to call them, in combination with skin-tight tops or belly tops. The reason I have this problem is that way to many of the young women who are wearing these combinations are not tone enough to get away with these outfits. I don't understand how these girls look in the mirror, see the un-tone small little bulges of flabbiness, and think that they look good or attractive.

Now before anybody goes nuts on me let me go further, I am not by any stretch tone or even in anything that I would refer to as being in shape, quite the opposite actually. This is just an issue of what looks right. I am not suggesting that every girl that is even slightly un-tone is in need of losing weight, in fact most of the young ladies in question are not over-weight at all, just un-tone. I know that the younger kids in High School/College (or even grade school) in society in general do not 'run around' the way I did when I was that age. My 'fat' did not appear until well after I had gotten married. But the lack of tone is an issue that just irritates me.

My wife and I were recently at a company outing for my company at a local amusement park (It has been voted the best on the planet for 7 years running, not that that is of any meaning here.) and my wife kept telling me that she felt, and she acknowledged that it was irrational, that all of the girls were looking over-weight to her. While in line for one of the rides at the park, I over heard some one else discussing this issue. This person was in the age range of the young ladies in question, and he made a statement to the young lady he was with that he wished society allowed us to just let people know how we felt about how they look. (It sounds good on the surface doesn't it?)

The final point I have to make on this issue is this - I don't mind see attractive women in this kind of dress, but I actually find the more modest style of dress on an attractive women to be even more interesting. It just seems that my mind, okay it may be a dirty mind but I am a man after all, can 'fill in the gaps' much more interestingly than can any amount of 'sexy' styled clothing.

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