Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Miracles Great and Small

Perhaps I am looking for miracles at a time when things just seem to be happening.

But the survival all the people on-board the Air France plane that crashed in Toronto yesterday seems to fall under that catagory. I happened to be home not feeling well yesterday, and had turned on CNN about an hour after the crash. My wife and I looked at each other and tried to decide how bad it looked from the traffic camera pictures that were being broadcast. (We also occasionally flipped to Fox News as well) Our initial thought was we couldn't believe that there were going to be any survivors. After shutting off the TV for a short time to take care of a few things around the house, I turned the news back on to discover that, baruch hashem, the entire crew and passenger compliment (estimated at 309 at this time) had survived. That qualified as a miracle, you may call it great or small.

The other thing that happened yesterday that falls into this catagory was the wife getting a call within hours of sending a resume to a potential new employer for an interview for a job that seems to be exactly what she wanted. Yeah, interviews. This to seemed to qualify as a miracle, once again you can decide whether this is great or small.

But with both of these you can see why I am wondering if I am just looking for things to be miracles. (The first one is easier to believe as containing some divine intervention.) But, dispite the fact that my wife's career is fairly recession proof, she had not had an interview for a full time position in almost 4 months of unemployment. Hopefull all goes well for the survivors of the plane crash, my mind will be occupied with the miracle a little closer to home for the next 24 hours.

Update (8/4/05): As of about 4:30 pm Wife's interview went well, and we should know soon with in a couple of days if she has the job. The other good news from the interview is that they will be posting a second position this weekend that the wife may be interested in. (They also told her they were expecting to expand to a second facility, on the other side of town, with in the next year. Yeay, I love good news. Now if she gets the job things will really be good. (Figures are crossed, not really the most Jewish thing but any little bit right now.))

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