Friday, August 12, 2005

Is anyone surprised?

Hamas: No farewell to arms
Hamas said it won't give up its weapons
after Israelis Gaza withdrawal, so it can force Israel out of additional

"Arms is a holy issue", Ahmed Al-Ghandour, one of the
terrorist group's military leaders, was quoted as saying in Ha'aretz. "It is
impossible for us to abandon our arms even if we all get killed. The issue of
arms is not one for discussion." He also said Hamas would not initiate attacks
during the Gaza pullout but would reserve the right to respond to Israeli

The Palestinian Authority is obligated to disarm Hamas under the 'road map' peace plan, but P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas has refused to do so.
Does this attitude actually surprise anyone that follows the events in the middle east?
I suspect that 'Mr.' Al-Ghandour will be a bit nervous in the near future. After all Israeli missles have an odd habit of hitting the military leaders of the 'militant' groups in the 'territories.'
So one more thing before off I go, does anyone beyond fundamentalist nut-jobs and 'gun-nuts' believe that weapons are 'holy?'

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